Why We Use Oxford Fabric For Garden Furniture Covers

Oxford fabric has become a preferred choice for garden furniture covers due to its durability and resilience. This tough, woven material is named after the famous Oxford University, suggesting a certain pedigree of quality and reliability. Crafted from a basket weave structure, which typically interlaces two yarns over and under another creating a chequered pattern, Oxford fabric is appreciated for its ability to withstand wear and tear. As such, it provides a robust defence for garden furniture against the harsh elements experienced outdoors.

The popularity of Oxford fabric in the production of garden furniture covers is not solely based on its robust nature. It also offers a reasonable level of waterproofing, an essential quality for any material used to protect outdoor furniture such as rattan. The tight weave of the fabric helps to repel water, preventing it from seeping through and damaging the furniture underneath. Additionally, most varieties of Oxford fabric are treated with a waterproof coating, enhancing their effectiveness as a barrier against rain and moisture.

Versatility is another reason garden furniture benefits from the use of Oxford fabric. Not only is it protective, but it is also lightweight, making it easy to handle and store. Its resistance to fading under prolonged exposure to sunlight ensures that the covers maintain their aesthetic appeal over time. This balance of practicality and visual attractiveness explains why Oxford fabric has become a default option for those seeking to preserve the lifespan and appearance of their outdoor furnishings.

The Importance of Durable Materials for Garden Furniture Covers

Selecting materials with high endurance for protecting garden furniture is imperative to ensure that the furniture withstands various weather conditions and wear over time.

Understanding Durability in Fabric

Durability in fabric is determined by several factors such as tensile strength, resistance to tearing, and the ability to retain shape and colour after extended outdoor use. For garden furniture, materials must be robust enough to resist UV rays, moisture, and fluctuations in temperature. Durability, therefore, encompasses the material's longevity and its capacity to maintain integrity and appearance over time.

  • Tensile Strength: Measures the fabric's resistance to tension and stretching.
  • Colour Fastness: The ability of a material to retain its colour without fading or running.
  • Shape Retention: The fabric's ability to maintain its original structure and not stretch or become misshapen.

Why Oxford Fabric Excels in Strength and Longevity

Oxford fabric is favoured for garden furniture covers due to its superior strength and longevity. It is crafted using a basket weave structure, which enhances its strength, making it exceptionally durable against wear and tear.

  • Weave Type: Basket weave that interlaces multiple yarns for increased durability.
  • Material Composition: Typically composed of polyester or nylon, contributing to long-term durability.
  • Weather Resistance: Exhibits excellent resistance to UV rays and moisture, paramount to garden furniture's longevity.

Additionally, Oxford fabric is known for its resistance to fading and ability to dry quickly, both crucial for maintaining the material's quality when exposed to the elements. This strength and resistance make it the material of choice for garden furniture that demands high performance and durability.

Protection Offered by Oxford Fabric

Oxford fabric accords superior protection to garden furniture and covers with its inherent weather-resistant composition. It is a preferred choice for outdoor use due to its ability to withstand various environmental factors.

Weather-Resistant Qualities

Oxford fabric is inherently designed to combat adverse weather conditions. Its dense weave structure lends it a robust form to shield against wind, snow, and rain. The fabric's resilience means it can protect garden furniture from the typical wear that comes from exposure to changing climates.

  • Wind: Secure against forceful winds, preserving furniture integrity.
  • Snow: Does not absorb moisture, keeping furniture dry.
  • Rain: Repels water, preventing damage and mould growth.

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Features

The coating on Oxford fabric ensures a waterproof barrier, making it ideal for garden furniture covers. This barrier is crucial for preventing water penetration that could otherwise lead to materia's degradation. Oxford fabric varies from fully waterproof to water-resistant, depending on the specific treatment applied during manufacturing.

Fully Waterproof:

  • Prevents any water from seeping through.
  • Protects in heavy downpours.


  • Repels gentle rain.
  • Suitable for dew and mist conditions.

UV Protection and Fade-Resistance

Extended exposure to UV rays from the sun can lead to fading and material weakness. Oxford fabric typically features a UV-resistant treatment, which serves to protect the furniture from the sun's harmful impact. This treatment ensures the fabric remains fade-resistant, maintaining its colour and condition over time.

  • UV Protection: Mitigates the effect of UV rays on furniture.
  • Fade-Resistance: Keeps original colouring intact longer than untreated fabrics.

The Role of Breathability in Garden Furniture Covers

Breathability is a key factor in the effectiveness of garden furniture covers. It allows moisture to escape, reducing the risk of mould and mildew, while still providing protection from the elements.

Advantages of Breathable Covers

Breathable garden furniture covers, particularly those made from Oxford fabric, offer several benefits. Firstly, they prevent moisture accumulation by allowing condensation to evaporate. This reduces the likelihood of mould and mildew growth, which can damage garden furniture and pose health risks. Oxford fabric is a heavy-duty material that withstands outdoor conditions while maintaining its breathability.

  • Moisture Management:
    • Allows condensation to evaporate
    • Reduces mould and mildew risk
  • Material Durability:
    • Heavy-duty Oxford fabric
    • Resists wear and tear

Balancing Waterproofing and Airflow

Achieving a balance between waterproofing and airflow is crucial for garden furniture covers. Oxford fabric is engineered to repel water while allowing air to circulate, which is essential for preventing damage from prolonged dampness. The tight weave of Oxford fabric offers excellent waterproofing properties, but its unique structure also supports sufficient airflow to ensure breathability.

  • Waterproof Qualities:
    • Tight weave repels water
    • Offers protection from rain and spills
  • Air Circulation:
    • Fabric structure supports airflow
    • Prevents dampness and associated damage

Design and Features of Oxford Fabric Covers

Oxford fabric covers for garden furniture utilise a strong, woven design that ensures durability and weather resistance. They are tailored to provide protection against various weather conditions while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

Securing Covers Against Wind and Weather

Oxford fabric covers often include adjustable straps and elastic hems that ensure a snug fit to various furniture sizes and shapes, making them secure even in windy conditions. They may also feature tie-downs or weight bags that can be filled with sand or stones to anchor the cover in place. The reinforced seams contribute to the covers' ability to withstand harsh weather without tearing.

  • Adjustable Straps/Elastic Hems: Ensures fit for different furniture sizes
  • Tie-Downs/Weight Bags: Adds stability in windy conditions
  • Reinforced Seams: Offers extra strength against the weather

These design features afford garden furniture owners peace of mind, knowing their outdoor pieces are safeguarded from potentially damaging wind and weather.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Users benefit from the lightweight nature of Oxford fabric, which contributes to the ease of draping the cover over furniture. Additionally, most Oxford fabric covers come with a carry bag for convenient storage and transportation. Features such as handles may be incorporated to assist with fitting and removal, while zippers or velcro closures provide easy access to the furniture when needed.

  • Lightweight Material: Simplifies handling and storage
  • Carry Bag Included: Allows easy transportation
  • Handles/Zippers/Velcro Closures: Facilitates effortless use

For specific furniture like a hanging egg chair or a basket, Oxford fabric covers are designed to accommodate the unique contours, providing snug protection while still being straightforward to place and remove. This dedicated design approach extends to various types of outdoor furniture covers, ensuring that patio furniture can be quickly and effortlessly protected, allowing owners to relax without concern for their garden furnishings.

Caring for Your Oxford Fabric Covers

Proper care and maintenance of Oxford fabric covers will ensure they remain in top condition, protecting your garden furniture effectively for years to come.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean Oxford fabric covers, it's advisable to first remove any loose dirt with a soft-bristled brush. For general cleaning, they can be machine washed at a moderate temperature using a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the fabric's water-resistant coating. For tougher stains, a fabric spot cleaner can be applied directly to the affected area before machine washing. Allow the covers to air dry completely; do not tumble dry, as this could cause shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

  1. Brush off loose dirt
  2. Machine wash at moderate temperature
  3. Use mild detergent; avoid bleach
  4. Spot clean tough stains if necessary
  5. Air dry completely

Storage and Handling

When not in use, Oxford fabric covers should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew and prolong their lifespan. Fold the covers neatly, avoiding sharp folds that might wear down the fabric. For outdoor cover storage during harsh weather, ensure they are securely fastened or kept in a storage bin to prevent them from being blown away or damaged.

  • Store in a cool, dry location
  • Fold neatly, avoid sharp folds
  • Secure or bin during inclement weather

By sticking to these simple guidelines, your Oxford fabric patio furniture covers will remain durable and continue to offer reliable protection against the elements.

Types and Variations of Oxford Fabric

Oxford fabric is renowned for its durability and versatility, stemming from its unique basket weave structure. Predominantly crafted from synthetic fibres like polyester for enhanced strength, variants such as 600D Oxford fabric are particularly favoured in garden furniture and cover applications.

600D Oxford Fabric for Optimal Protection

The 600D Oxford fabric is one of the most robust variations for outdoor use. The "D" stands for denier, which measures the thickness of the individual threads used in the fabric. With its high denier count, 600D Oxford fabric provides exceptional resistance to tearing and abrasion, making it an ideal material for garden furniture that requires resilience against harsh weather conditions. Predominantly made from polyester, this dense material repels water effectively and is treated for additional protection against ultraviolet rays.

Comparing Oxford to Other Woven Fabrics

Oxford fabric differs significantly from other woven fabrics. Its basket weave construction offers a balance of breathability and water resistance that is superior to traditional cotton weaves. When weighed against other woven materials, Oxford fabric's synthetic composition, often incorporating a blend of polyester and other synthetic fibres, ensures it remains robust over time. Pinpoint Oxford is another variation that is lighter and finer than the classic Oxford and is used less frequently in outdoor applications due to its lighter weave. The strength and durability of Oxford fabric, especially in its 600D iteration, provide greater protection and longevity than standard woven cotton or lighter synthetic fabrics.

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